Pengaruh Price Book Value dan Leverage Ratio Terhadap Return Saham Pada Perusahaan Manufaktur Yang Listing Di Bursa Efek Indonesia

  • Muspa Muspa
Keywords: Price Book Value, Leverage Ratio, and Return


This research is intended to exeminate the significancy influence of Price Book Value and Leverage to Return in companies at Indonesian Stock Exchange. This research uses explanatory design with secondary data in companies at Indonesian Stock Exchange. Sample is totaled at 10 companies by using purposive method sampling for 4-years observations; therefore, total number of observations is 40. Model used in this research is multiple regression analysis trought SPSS. This basic model intended to analyze in estimating strengths of causal relationship both directly variables. The result of this research has shown that; 1) Price Book Value influences positive and significant to return, 2) Leverage Ratio influences negative and significantly to return, 3) Price Book Value and Leverage influences positive and significant simultan to return